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Video Business Card

Video Business Card

Fuse Your Traditional Marketing With Video

Have you ever thought of combining your traditional print marketing with video marketing? Believe us, this kind of digital marketing is not only in trend but helps in generating more revenues, audience, and publicity.

Video Business Card speaks about you and your business digitally usually in 0-2 minute of the time range. With video business cards you deliver professionalism, which is missing in any traditional print business cards. This kind of cards consists of links to your products and social media platform chosen by you. With the help of business cards, your brand will not only stand ahead from the crowd but can easily and quickly be recognized. The best part of business cards is your clients, or prospective customers can see you and without spoken words increases the beauty of communication. Isn?t it amazing? Also, it helps in building trust and liking towards your brand. It acts as an entryway to your business portfolio in spite of providing merely your name, address, contact information, email address or logo.
video business cardA business card with a video? This may sound surprising, but it is a small packet with big marketing strategy with which people know everything about you and your business without being directly said by you and saved your valuable time. What else you want? If people like your business card they probably chances are there, they will like you and your business too and soon will approach you.

Every company like yours is always searching for some simple yet unique marketing strategy, and video business card is one among them. It will decrease your advertising cost as you are directly advertising to your future customers. We have the simple logic to prove it. When we read something, we will store approx. 20-25% of it in the back of our mind. While when we hear and see a message, we will take roughly around 50% of it. So naturally, video business cards will create the much bigger impact on people mind. So, if you also want to incorporate innovation in your business, then video business card is a must have for your business.

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